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Direitos Humanos / 22/09/2019

Embaixador Presidente Parlamento ira abrir Conferência de Paz em Medelin Colômbia

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Medellin. September 20, 2019.

Dr. Celso Neves Dias WPO World President, Founder of the Parliament cordial greeting. Peace, complex and diverse to be achieved in their expressions and global levels, something about which I have been working hard, insistence and persistence, enduring what she is conceived in my beautiful country and beloved territory of Colombia, various events and actions to raise awareness around it I have done so moved after participating in actions and programs very specific in local and national governments, comes the need to talk, awareness, think and reflect on peace, this able to do with the big players have had and has this wonderful planet, world leaders for peace, therefore under large, very gigantic dreams, thought and plot this first meeting between dreamers and lovers of peace, People want to risk us and height, human decency and nobility, meet and exchange experiences, to think and propose how we can contribute to the population living in the world can live in peace. Despite how hard it seems and so I checked to having many years and the way of being able to realize, I saw many did not understand that it was the Congress, and so that it can perform as was his conception as a whole, then so many trodden paths, many doors touched, people contacted and equally different form entities and organizations to be able to do and to non-receipt of some lack of understanding in front of the event, saw the need to change the date to posterity and make prior Up a Pre 1st Congress, with talks for the official launch of the Congress and to expose them and make known what the goal and dynamics of the 1st Congress Macro event called World Leaders for Peace. "An active and participatory civil society towards the culture of peace". A success was achieved this event 11 exhibitors home and abroad; humanists Colombia, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Argentina and the United States, all areas of dialogue and meeting with civil society worker and participant in these talks, made these in the municipalities of Bello and Medellín. Antioquia. Colombia, dated 8 to May 11 this year. A wonderful, fascinating experience, that achievement compact exhibitors and attendees; casting as a result, a response and totally positive reaction, all integrated into a single longing, social leaders only with the desire to work for peace. Already known this beautiful project of the 1st Congress World Leaders for Peace, I am writing to you with love and admiration and officially give the invitation to join me in a dream and together this do realize this great event for world peace. Of Address: Cra 80c No 34a71.. Barrio laurels. Medellin, Antioquia. Colombia. Phone: ((057) 3,113,427,410 3,176,473,933 whatsapp WEB: E-mail: NIT 811027031-8 20 years non-profit organization, to the Civil Service Management Company.. territorial peace, Human Rights Defenders. leader and pioneer in Antioquia in 2003 to develop the peace Program of the Mayor of Medellin and the Presidency of the Republic. ESALs 21-005222-22 8 registered with the United Nations Organization-UN, appearing in the database DESA'S Civil Society since 2013 registered with the Organization of American States OAS, through Resolution CR / RES.759 of 8 June 2015 registered with the United to the Global Compact of the United Nations-UN, signed by Lise Kingo letter. Executive Director. dated January 31, 2017. Global Compact of the United Nations Over 100 World Leaders Managers Paz will be invited as speakers, with the assistance of civil society active and participatory to the culture of peace, voices gathered in reflection, discussions between sharing of experiences, generating a comprehensive proposal of actions and projects that benefit civil society, and enable actions that can be replicated in different parts of the world such as Actos and Territorial Agendas for Peace event that will face listening to people different parts of the world who are as attending Congress. Congress Following the guidelines of the Policies of the New Millennium, the objectives of Sustainable Development, Environment, Foundations of the Roerich Pact, the principles of the Democratic Charter of Human Rights and the foundations of the various international organizations working with Ambassadors world peace. 1st World Congress leaders for peace. "An active and participatory civil society towards the culture of peace". to be held in the municipalities of Medellin, Envigado, Itagui and Bello. Antioquia. Colombia,

Within the invitation as rapporteur covering their living expenses during the days of the Congress itself attention of dreamers and lovers of peace. It is one of our special guests.

We are ready to bring the happy realization of this Congress, JOINING PEACE VOICES THAT GENERATE. "Culture towards peace, it is vital to rethink and propose to save the planet, drowning in psychosocial breakdown and in so many conflicts. education one of the pillars of peace "AFMS very attentive and grateful with the attention given to this. Yours truly safe. VALENCIA ACEVEDO FOUNDER MARY SOL-REPRESENTATIVE LEGAL FOUNDATION THE SUN

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