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Notícias Nacionais / 22/12/2020

Ibovespa closes in fall and returns to 115 thousand points with new strain of coronavirus; dollar rises to R $ 5.12

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Ibovespa closes in fall and returns to 115 thousand points with new strain of coronavirus; dollar rises to R $ 5.12


Market had a strong correction after the Exchange reached 118 thousand points in the previous session

The Ibovespa closed down on Monday (21), losing more than two thousand points the closing of last Friday (18). The decline followed the performance of international stock markets, which retreated in the face of the emergence of a new strain of coronavirus in the United Kingdom.

On Saturday (19), British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the new variant could be up to 70% more transmissible, according to preliminary analysis by scientists.

He also announced that plans to ease circulation restrictions during Christmas, which would allow members of more than one home to meet, are on hold. Covid's accelerated transmission, driven by the new variant, contributes to lockdowns in London and else in southeastern England.

The news erased the positive impact of the approval of a new vaccine in the United States and the agreement for a new economic stimulus package in the country.

US Senate Republican majority leader Mitch McConnell said on Sunday that the US Congress reached a final agreement on an approximately $ 900 billion tax package to help combat the economic effects of Covid-19.

In addition, concern about this new coronavirus strain causes the price of oil to drop more than 4% abroad, not only because of the fact itself, but also because of the greater restrictions adopted in Europe, raising fears of a slower recovery in the demand for fuels.

“News of a new strain of coronavirus weighed on risk and oil. New restrictions on mobility across Europe are also not helping, as European demand will suffer, ”said UBS analyst Giovanni Staunovo. "Investors need to be aware that the path towards greater demand and higher prices will remain unstable," he added.

The Ibovespa fell by 1.86%, to 115,822 points with a financial volume of R $ 59.4 billion. Today was a stock option expiration day, which boosted trading volume and added volatility to blue chip papers. The maturity of options moved R $ 28.69 billion.

Meanwhile, the commercial dollar rose 0.79% to R $ 5.1218 in the purchase and to R $ 5.1228 in the sale. At the high of the day, the US currency reached R $ 5.22. The future dollar maturing in January 2021 registered an increase of 0.4%, to R $ 5.121 in the after-market.

Today the Central Bank once again acted to provide liquidity to the foreign exchange market. All 16,000 swap contracts were sold, totaling US $ 800 million. Since the beginning of the month, the monetary authority has acted more assertively to contain the impact of banks' overhedge.

In the future interest market, the DI for January 2022 was stable at 2.96%, the DI for January 2023 rose a base point to 4.41%, the DI for January 2025 advanced three basis points at 5.94% and the DI for January 2027 recorded a positive change of two basis points at 6.72%.

Here, Brazil continues to have an increase in the number of cases of the virus. The moving average of deaths Covid in a 7-day period ending on Sunday was 765, up 27% 14 days earlier. On Sunday alone, 408 deaths were recorded.

In politics, amid the debate over the Provisional Measure (MP) that would authorize the payment of the 13th salary to beneficiaries of Bolsa Família this year, which ended up expiring in Congress, President Bolsonaro reaffirmed the position of the Minister of Economy in his government.

In a video posted on the internet, in which he is interviewed by his son, Eduardo Bolsonaro, the president said that the minister will only leave the government at the end of his term, and that he would not have shown interest in leaving office.

In Asia, in turn, the People's Bank of China (PBoC, the Chinese Central Bank) decided to leave its benchmark interest rates for short and long-term loans unchanged for the eighth consecutive month. The so-called one-year LPR remained at 3.85% and the LPR for loans of five years or longer stood at 4.65%.

The consortium of press vehicles that systematizes data on Covid collected by state health departments in Brazil announced, at 8 pm on Sunday, the pandemic's advance in 24 hours in the country. Data Goiás and São Paulo were excluded.

Even without these data, the 7-day moving average of new cases reached 47,909 diagnoses, a record high, and a 15% increase compared to the 14-day moving average. On Sunday alone, 24,680 new cases were confirmed.

7-day period ended on Sunday was 765, up 27% 14 days earlier. On Sunday alone, 408 deaths were recorded.

Regarding the failure to send data, São Paulo returned to claim problems in the Ministry of Health system, as it had done on Friday. At the time, the Ministry denied any problems. The Goiás State Department of Health also stated that "there may have been a problem with this service provided by the Ministry of Health".

Even with signs of accelerating the spread of the virus, President Jair Bolsonaro (without a party) said on Saturday, through a video posted on the internet, that the pandemic would be coming to an end.

"The pandemic is really coming to an end, the numbers have shown this, we are on a small rise now, it is called a small amount, which can happen, but the rush of the vaccine is not justified because you affect people's lives," he said. in an interview with son and federal deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro (PSL-SP).

The president again raised doubts about the vaccine. “You are going to inoculate something and you, your immune system, can react in an unforeseen way and you cannot, without going through the [National Health Surveillance Agency] Anvisa, without being certified, that you put the vaccine on the market ”, He stated.

In addition, a Datafolha survey conducted by telephone between December 8 and 10 with 2,016 people, indicates that the emergency aid paid by the government is the only source of income for 36% of families that received at least a portion of the benefit in 2020. In August , 44% pointed to aid as the only source of income.

The benefit is expected to stop being paid on December 29 by the government.

Initially, the reference value of the benefit was R $ 600, reduced to R $ 300 per month. With the partial resumption of the economy, many people left in search of other sources of income, says a report in the newspaper Folha de S. Paulo.

In addition, 51% of people said that family income decreased with the pandemic, compared to 60% who responded in this way in August.

Bolsonaro reaffirms Guedes in office

On Thursday (17), Bolsonaro accused the mayor, Rodrigo Maia (DEM-RJ), of having allowed the MP to expire, which would authorize the payment of the 13th salary to Bolsa Família beneficiaries this year. The speech opened a crisis with Maia, who stated that the president lied. The Mayor tried to put the payment of the benefit to a vote.

To calm the mood, Economy Minister Paulo Guedes acknowledged that it was the government's own economic team that asked that the measure not be voted on because there would be no resources for payment.

Guedes has been publicly criticized by Maia, who says that the minister's agenda has no prestige in the government, resulting in an inability to approve the announced reforms.

In the midst of the crisis, the Minister of Economy interrupted on Saturday the vacation period that he would take the weekend until 8 January. The vacation had been published in the Official Gazette last week.

Also on Saturday, President Bolsonaro reaffirmed the position of the Economy Minister in his government. In a video posted on the internet, in which he is interviewed by his son, Eduardo Bolsonaro, the president said that the minister will only leave the government at the end of his term, and that he would not have shown interest in leaving office.

“Of course, we see that, time to time, he gets angry, because certain measures depend on votes. I know how Parliament works, he is still learning (…) He wants to solve it and is upset. Not touching to leave, he said he will leave with me when my term ends, ”said the president.

In addition, a report published on Monday in O Globo states that the economic team would be concerned with the progress in Congress of two constitutional amendments that would increase transfers to participation funds in states and municipalities and a third project that would reduce the interest charged by the Union in operations refinancing debts of federated entities.

The proposals are even supported by deputies and government senators, and could cause a leak of R $ 589 billion to public coffers.

Corporate Radar

The operating license for Vale and its outsourced companies was suspended, through Decree No. 210, of December 18, 2020, the municipality of Brumadinho, in Minas Gerais, published in the Official Gazette of the Municipality this Friday (18) .

The act, signed by Mayor Avimar de Melo Barcelos, was due to the death of a worker at the company hired by Vale Verde, who worked at the Córrego do Feijão mine. He was in the cab of an excavator when a slope collapsed over the machine.

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