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Religião e Espiritualidade / 16/01/2021

10 reasons why a spiritual quest can change your life

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10 reasons why a spiritual quest can change your life


Let's be honest: Living day to day in the environment of big cities is not much fun. Overwork, running, traffic, McDonalds .... All of this, as much as you are used to it, is not only boring, but in essence it is sad and depressing.

Sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is to go on a quest to purify your spirit, mind and body, and integrate with nature and who you are. (Believe me, you may have forgotten!)

So, open your mind and heart and read these 10 reasons why a journey of spiritual search can change your life.

1. The work routine can often make you forget the beauty of life

If you are at a point you are walking down the street and do not realize that the sun is shining in the sky, you need a fresh start! If we all had life the way we would like it, we would have a lot less “jobs” and spend a lot more time inspired by creation. There is no right time to change your perception of life, your change can start now. What are you waiting for? Maybe you don't know what to do, maybe you feel stuck. Well know that leaving your environment can be the attitude you need to make a transition what is not satisfying you to find things that are real source of happiness and existential well-being.

2. Life is not static

Have you noticed eating the same thing over and over again makes us sick… especially if it is a food full of starches and fats and empty of nutrients. Maybe it's time to change that inlet valve to something a little more free! No one wants a repetitive, nutrient-free life. Venturing makes the heart feel refreshed and new again.

3. Traveling inspires you to have richer and more constructive relationships with people

Whether traveling around the world or even some nearby, movement will be a great opportunity for you to open up to different things. When that happens, you can look at your relationships in a new way and return to the same place with a whole new perspective on life. Traveling with a loved one can also be a great way to strengthen your relationship, regardless of the type of relationship you have with that person.

4. Redefine the relationship you have with yourself

Everyone needs time alone, so taking the time to be with yourself can be a time of powerful meditation, without constantly getting involved with who you haven't chosen or even want to be with. Just remember not to stray too far. Isolating yourself totally and for too long periods can leave scars that take a long time to be erased.

5. New paths will provide you with different views on your education

Going out into the world will make you meet new people, you will meet people of great potential and cultural wealth (that means difference). When you are in your normal environment, in your comfort zone, everything is very similar: you remain “inside the box” and hardly change your way of seeing life and the world. However, our true potential is never found inside any box, even though, figuratively speaking, we find a card that points to our dreams, we will never reach this magical place the comfort of our boxes. Most people inside the box want the education and careers that the box promotes, but once they allow their minds to expand, they can quickly discover new places to channel their energies.

6. You can reverse your life priorities

Let's just be honest, life can be very difficult. Okay… life can be tough most of the time as we grow up and become more responsible. However, just because we have a lot of responsibilities does not mean that we have to prioritize them. Leaving the old environment, even if only for a short time, your mind will allow a new shuffling of cards and then you will be able to classify what is truly important to you and what needs to be done for the benefit of everyone and everything.

7. You can learn to better analyze life's dramatic situations

When things get dramatic, there is usually a reason for that. If there is a problem between you and a loved one or a disagreement in the workplace - when there is a panic it can become difficult to be positive and do the right thing. Sometimes, stepping outside the box for an afternoon of reflection can make all the difference in the world. For me, this moment then it happens when I climb the tree in front of the house and meditate for a while. It is necessary to stop in order to reach a more complete understanding of the situation and find a solution to the problem.

8. Gain mental clarity in your life

Is life dense, thick and sticky like walking through dirt? A spiritual journey can cut this cycle of earthly experiences and offer you more angles for reflection and decision making. By practicing raising our awareness, we can “go with the flow” but with much more care and less trapped than before.

9. Your overall optimism will increase

Yes, you guessed it! Trees, rivers, grass, temples, foreign languages, and limited access to bathrooms seem to play a big role in increasing the appreciation of what you have and a more positive global perspective on the blessed life you can lead. A positive outlook on life can make all the difference in your creativity.

10. Promoting spiritual journeys raises awareness of physical health

Having wisdom when it comes to health comes down to resource management when you are following a real spiritual path. Most of us usually eat much more than is healthy, while on a spiritual journey you can focus your attention on a better idea of ​​how to keep your body in a better state of comfort through healthier and more holistic practices.

Travel! Create something new for yourself and create something new for your friends and family. You are a reflection of them and any adjustments you make to yourself will have an impact on them, whether you are aware of it or not.

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